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Peter A. Mello

Nice kilt but how "authentic" did you go? ;-)

My wife and I went to Scotland for our honeymoon and played some of the most amazing golf courses in the world. Went as far North as Royal Dornoch and stayed in the castle there. Agrre that it's a beautiful country with wonderful people.

Pamela Slim

Welcome back Bob!

I was wondering where you were off to, as I hadn't seen much posting. How nice that you and the family were on vacation ... so much better than all the hard work you have been doing lately! :)

Scotland is on my list, whenever the kids get old enough to travel that far. My maiden name is Stewart, so I know we have a plaid pattern there, and probably a distant relative or two.

My husband Darryl and I laugh that our very divergent backgrounds (his Navajo, mine from 5 generations back in the UK) connect over sheep entrails, which our relatives both consider a prime meal.

Thanks for a refreshing look into a great vacation experience!


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