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Yes, it makes sense but due to intrinsic differences between english and italian, where english is less ambiguous, in italian it could be rendered harsh or mild.
The italian publisher decided to render it "quite" mild.
I've got both version and the english one is much more straight forward.


Yes, it does make sense in italian, but the english version is more fun (esp. the inner jerk one). It is hard to make the world assholeproof: assholes are so ingenious!


Yes, it does make sense in Italian. I can't wait to buy the book. Then I'll just have to find another job (hopefully abroad): the job market in Italy is still and too full of "stronzi", especially in the marketing field.

Yann Riché


I've just finished the french version, it is really a good book for management!

Antistronzi is anticon but i prefer Sale con!

When do you republish the book on innovation?



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