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Dear Mr. Sutton,
I have just finished reading and learning from your book, and after reading this post I volunteer to translate anything you need from the Italian blog dedicated to your book or anything else! (I'm a professional translator)
If you need any help, just drop me a line! No more Google translator, from now on! ;-)

Valeria Maltoni

For your Italian readers.

Pier Luigi Santoro wrote a review of the book here

This is the announcement of the Italian edition

Maurizio Goetz

There is a lot of buzz about the book here in Italy, the majority of the people that I know are waiting to read it, like me.

Valeria Maltoni

Very funny, Bob. Let me circulate this among Italian bloggers and see if they saw it, etc.


Dear Bob, we wish to thank you another time for your increduble, loved book.
It is a milestone for all us.
In Italy the success is very great and go on every day in thousands of firms and workshops.
with your, unhoped help, maybe, we will put on ...wc...our asshole maleficum.
For you especially, we are posting also in english.
There is posted now the second version of the 12 labours of Sterkules.
best regards, Bob
and thank you so much
oeffevik crew

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