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Good point Mauro.

The first time I saw this book in a bookstore I thought it was just another self-help/self-improvement title. It even recalled me the famous "For Dummies" collection, so it didn't catch my attention at all.

The second time I saw it was when I picked up another title that was sitting right next to it in the bookshelf. When I looked at the author last name I could see it was Bob's book! What a wicked surprise.

"No, this can't be the 'No asshole'!", I thought. I've got so dissapointed... not only because of the stupid title (see Mauro's comments) it was given, but also because of the cover art. "Enough with Stupidity" + a Delete button full of strange symbols looks more like a book on some teenager Internet lingo used in chat rooms and IMs; and definitely not a book on organizational culture and managerial styles.

What a pitty...

Mauro Mello Jr.

Bob - howdy!

As you mentioned, the title 'Chega de Babaquice' (try /'shay-gah day bah-bah-'key-ce/) is really a toned down, almost sanitized translation of 'The No Asshole Rule'.

The noun 'babaquice' (/bah-bah-'key-ce/) in Brazilian Portuguese translates in English as stupidity. The noun 'babaca' (/bah-'bah-ka/) has two main meaning in Brazilian Portuguese: vagina (er, more like cunt, though it is not the meaning intended in the title) and fool (silly, blockhead, idiot). In everyday usage, I would say it is a mildly pejorative expression, unlikely to raise any eyebrows.

As it has been used in the book, with (to me) an almost uplifting self-help book-type tag line, it is closer (in impact) to 'Enough with the Foolishness/Stupidity/Nonsense!' Mildly amusing, lacking the blunt directness of the English title or the much more expressive and vicious French title and tag line (that one is very good indeed).

Having read The No Asshole Rule (and the associated blog posts), I feel the title is disappointing, as it is a festering problem over there that needs a much less sanitized approach.

It just occurred to me that the issue may be with the use of 'chega', as in 'enough!'; maybe if it were 'don't be an asshole' might have made it more forceful…

I will think about it for a couple of days then send you some alternatives.


Mauro Mello Jr.
A Brazilian expat in Sydney, Australia

P.S.: And yes, there are some differences between the Portuguese language in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor.

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