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Steve Roesler


Thrilled to hear of the award, as I've followed the development of the book since the early days.

Now, for genuinely important stuff regarding the awards ceremony, as well as a teachable moment:

It might be a nice, empathetic gesture to acknowledge your son's desire for the Stephen Colbert schtick. That would probably be a hoot anyway.

But from a strictly "guy" point of view, the glow from a Lorraine Bracco or Brooke Shields congratulatory hug might last a lot longer :-)

Bask in it, Bob.

JibberJobber Guy

You definitely deserve it - sticking to your guns on the title and not softening the message. I think too many people can relate to this book, which is a shame, so kudos to you for doing such a great job getting this discussion out into the open!

Jason Alba
Author - I'm on LinkedIn - Now What???

Pamela Slim

Yeah for you Bob! You deserve every bit of it.

And ... it is nice for once to see a book that speaks the truth get acknowledgment by the mainstream. Your message needed to be heard, and it was!



Congrats to you! I just purchased the book Saturday and can't wait to dig in.


Congratulations Bob, much deserved award!


Bravo, Bob! You deserve it.

Stephanie West Allen

Congratulations, Bob. What a nice and well-deserved tribute!

Dean Fuhrman


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