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JibberJobber Guy

Sounds awesome Bob - what a very cool path you've taken!

Kent Blumberg

Congratulations Bob! Well deserved.


Way to go... Godspeed Bob Sutton! I am eagerly waiting to see the NBC telecast on Saturday. Hope some 'Corporate Assholes' tune in too - oh well! only if they realize their potential :)


Joyce Maroney

Congratulations on this well deserved recognition for your book. You do a great job cutting through the clutter and getting at the underlying human being issues in "human capital management". I read your blog regularly, but this is my first comment. I second your comments on Men's Wearhouse. We buy most of my husband's clothes there after having discovered the great customer service and very reasonable pricing. Also second your recommendation on The Road. It's bleak but incredibly moving.


You go, Bob!

David Christiansen

Congratulations Bob - you're my hero. I imagine it's pretty hard to come up with a 30 second speech that isn't lame. I hope you can do it.

Dave Christiansen

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