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Chris DiCicco

What can I say...I Love Nascar! The race just finished and Jimmie Johnson just won the Subway Fresh Fit 500 at Phoenix. Dale almost got his first win in some 70 races. Mark Martin also had a chance to pull this one out but ended up in 5th. I think Carl Edwards had a phenomenal race going form 34th and finishing in 4th. I cannot wait until the next race!


My name is Perry and I worked with Bob on this exercise.

This was a great exercise.

Having taught at the with Bob in the past, and having been through a few kick off sessions for these kinds of sessions. I found this exercise was very successful in two dimensions:

1. A hands on experience in design thinking - the exercise drove home a few points very clearly -' speed wins, 'teams that iterated the most did the best, 'thinking through doing' the second the teams got their hands dirty they sorted it out (trust me, many teams tried to talk it through first), and finally this exercise taught that teams that failed early did better (teams that made the most mistakes at the start had the fastest times at the end)

2. This exercise was a terrific one at forming a design team. No one was an expert, no one can look good moving a 65 lbs tire around, and there was no room for a manager (by design teams were small) - it was a hands on effort. The teams were forced to work with no status, and a shared leadership model. It was terrific in this respect as a teaching exercise, but in principle applies to management training as well.

I also must complement Andy and his team as they brought a lot of energy to this and at the close of the exercise demo'd a NASCAR pit crew tire change (they were quite a bit faster then any of us could imagine was possible).


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