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Lavinia Weissman

Hmm, without the idealists, we all lose in the end.

Read this:

Why the United States Needs an Innovation Strategy
by Amy Bernstein

Author John Kao diagnoses America’s ills as a continuing loss of innovation capacity. But, he says, there is a way to reverse that trend.

It is at this link: if you add these xtras:


(I'm not sure why my hyerlink does not work here).

available with free subscription.

I love innovation and I am an idealist, thank you for letting me know, "I am needed in the end."

I enjoy reading your missives.

Brian Frank

Love that cartoon (money well spent).

With my tongue-in-cheek, I'm going to suggest that the discrepancy in the number of runs scored was merely a result of tampering: The Realists just didn't bother counting the other team's runs (because even the most attentive realist can't notice everything), while conveniently overcounting their own by including irrelevant information.

Meanwhile, the Idealists let them get away with it because they're more concerned with looking ahead to greater overall results than with particular (and personal) stats.

Did I get that about right?


Great article. Some relevant aphorisms from Peter Drucker:

"A decision is often a choice between two courses of action neither of which is provably more nearly right than the other."

"One does not start with facts. One starts with opinions."

"You cannot build performance on weaknesses. You can build only on strengths."

Wally Bock

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who divide the world into two kinds of people and those who don't.


I think this post is very good, and at its heart there is the issue that is at the center of business decisions. Rational/Pesemistic vs Strategic/Optimistic...

I also think that this Rational vs. Optimistic is something I have come to watch carefully in forming teams - balancing those outlooks is very powerful. It creates tension and arguments, but those arguments as long as they do not always drive to one side or another are very productive in the end.



I'm in a program with MBA elements built in. The program track I'm in is Creative Brand Management. We do a bit of both on every project. I personally lean towards idealism, but I have to be able to quantify the results and justify ROI in order to have a complete presentation. Presentations are also a huge part of the program. Good post.

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