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Min Liu

Thanks, Bob.'s changed my outlook, and a good reason why I left a company of 13K for one of 26. Fail often & fail early, iterate, and design thinking.

I'm a believer!


Bob - first off thanks for all the hard work that goes into your blogging. Having tried it that's been brought home to me on many occasions. Particularly when one tries to provide substance on an on-going basis as you do. BtW - got to you thru BigPicture (strong opinions weakly held)and you're comments got me to ExperimentalTheology :).

Second off one of the things, aside from intrinsic merits and benefits, of value is you've caused me to take a much more constructive look at HR strategic consequences and the impact on enterprise performance. Muchas Gracias, Amigo.

Third, albeit not finally, your 15 Things was so useful and powerful that (forgive me) I - ahem - "cloned" them as part of my Christmas card on my blog ( if you're curious).
Looking forward to much more. And if you're taking requests....well "fixing" the NAH problem thru management system re-design might be mildly challenging and interesting.

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