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On the Flying Arse test, I score in the zero. Maybe because I was raised to actually mind my matters. However, I have seen every single bad behavior described on that test (sometimes multiple items on the same flight), and I don't even fly too often. These days I fly even less. Between the bad service and the flying assholes, I prefer to drive if it is in the U.S. As for the Delta ads, cute, but until they start cracking down on those assholes in the flights, that's all the ads will be: cute.

Best, and keep on blogging.


Those were cute and fun. I think Delta made a good choice in keeping them light and silly but still acknowledging that there are plane etiquette problems. The Kidtastrophe one -- I have been That Guy! It must be even worse for the flight attendants, who have to try and keep order in the air. One transatlantic flight I was on with particularly nightmarish children -- they certainly looked like they were not enjoying the chaos any more than the rest of the passengers. Kudos to Delta for taking some steps to point out areas where we can all improve.

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