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Kent S

Michele and Jim McCarthy have done quite a bit of work on asking for help. Asking for help is a central lesson of their bootcamp course.
They did a podcast on it, see and the podcast is here
Some of my best experiences began with a request for help.

Shaun Kieran

That’s a great post illustrating an exemplary workplace culture. What still eludes all of us is how they really get created. The obvious variable is top management and what truly gets communicated from above about quality as a goal, mistakes as opportunities to learn, minimizing virtually to zero the need to be a “brown noser”, etc.

What isn’t so obvious is the role key mid-managers or even veteran non-managers play as “culture carriers” - conveying their own enthusiasm for the work, disdain for wasteful, interpersonal nonsense, and no fear of arbitrary behavior from above. These folks don’t grow on trees, and are both the result of - and creators of - good workplaces.

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