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Matt Hurt

I have been looking for the name of these cookies for a while now! I miss these cookies so much, the new Lemonades are alright but these were way better! I remember the picture on the cooking being a snowy cottage and there were holes in the cookies where the windows were so the yellow icing was made visible to appear as the lights on inside the cabin. Oh if they would only bring these back.

Tim O'Hara

Bob, Not sure why but my daughter's Brownie Troop here in the Triangle Area of North Carolina got it's cookie training tonight and we have a different kind of lemon cookie. I'm not exactly a lemon cookie kind of guy, but these were pretty good too. They are called Lemonades.

Martin Stein

Wouldn't it be way cooler if the girlscouts would bake their own cookies? Why push industrial products that are shipped thousands of miles across the country?


Gotta go with the Caramel DeLites (which are deceptively named since they're not at all "lite", being probably the most fattening of all GScookies). Tremendously addictive stuff.

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