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I am a first time visitor here, so here is my "sham comment".

Nice set of guidelines.

In my case, I have observed the admin, at times, puts the solution (it wants) to the committee, even before the committee begins to discuss the problem.

And the worst part: having told us, the committee, of the solution that we were supposed to suggest, we are asked to anyway waste our time going through the motions of discussing the problem in the committee in real time

Of course, most often I employ your obnoxious solution...

(I liked your 15 things I believe very much)


Shaun Kieran

It always comes back to us.

We like confidence and self-assurance. We like a “can do” attitude. We like enthusiasm and energy.

There are all kinds of reasons why people who should know better can become entranced by surface - credentials, glibness, certainty, type A demeanor. Mostly its about investing (often correctly by the way) in someone else’s success for our benefit.

Evaluating with skepticism, honesty, and then remembering the outcomes takes energy and concentration we don’t always have, so we defer. It actually works - except when it doesn’t.

Wally Bock

I always get nervous when I hear an executive saying that he or she "wants people to feel like they're part of the process." It makes me think they're not and all that's happening is that the executive is going to trick them into thinking they are.


Another sham participation tactic is to schedule meetings and agendas around the schedules of inconvenient committee members.

In my case, key meetings were held and critical decisions made when I was out of town. This was not too hard to arrange since I was spending three months a year on the road.

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