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Jim Clawson

Hi Bob,
I enjoyed your book very much. You asked how Kodansha had translated your cover. I got my BA from Stanford in Japanese language and literature, (fond memories of the Farm), and it says: "The Awful Guys of your workplace." IYA can mean lots of negatives: distasteful, graceless, yechy, rude, coarse, nasty. Nothing as clear and impactful as "asshole," though. I teach at a business school, too, and appreciate your stance and publicity on the importance of being considerate while being effective. I have a sign hanging on my door, given me by my RA, from DrX. Bob in New Orleans. It says, "Be Nice or Leave." One of my favorites. Life's too short to spend with energy suckers. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes,


Interesting stuff. But why do we believe that punishment is beneficial at all? We have it in religion (inferno and hell). We have it in the workplace, and we have it in the justice system. Studies show that 50% of all prison inmates suffer from ADHD, DAMP and other types of attention disorders, while the other 50% suffer from more or less serious personality disorders (all the way up to sociopathy). Punishment cannot cure this. Punishment must fulfil another purpose (as the article points out), like forcing people into submission and getting a position in a social hierarchy.

Scott McArthur

Great stuff Bob....I honestly think the times are a changin'!


Oh thank GOD. Now, if only the universe would provide just a wee bit more evidence to the rest of us that this is true! :)

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