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An interesting summary & overview that helped something gel for me - this is all about respect for the other person. Seeing them as a somebody and not a nobody. You don't treat people badly if you see them as worthy of respect nor do you see them as someone to take advantage of. Respect is not maudlin either but sets and expects high standards of performance, as a matter of respect. Which brings us full circle to who's interests you act in. A respectful and high-performance workplace is one where we recognize and support our common interests in the prosperity of the company.And again that's a two-way street. If workers are selected because they balance their own interests with those of the company and co-workers the counter-point is that the company should balance its' interests with those of the workers.
Virtuous vs vicious circle, which you may recall my arguing is fundamentally related to l.t. performance of the enterprise or organization. And has a quantifiable impact on that performance. :)

Lilly Evans

Well Marty's book is here in UK too! The Sunday Times ran a piece on April 6, 2008 with title "No more Mr Nice Guy" and tagline
Marty Kihn was getting nowhere in life, so he changed his tactics. He tells Style why acting an asshole is the only way to make it big

Rest is at

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