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It's 'Statute of Limitations'. If you find a 'statue' of limitations, send us a pic. hahaha


A random technical tip: If you want a simple way to stop those Apple Software updates from pushing Safari to your windows machine, you can do this:

1. Open "C:\Program Files\Apple Software Update"
2. Rename the file SoftwareUpdate.exe to instead be named SoftwareUpdate.exe.DISABLED

That's it. No more Safari update attempts. Of course, you don't get any more iTunes or Quicktime updates either. If you ever want those, you'll have to temporarily restore the original name of the SoftwareUpdate tool...

Michael Lee Stallard


I'm glad you defended Jobs. Job's doesn't strike me as someone who behaves badly for the sake of dominating others. He behaves badly at times out of his frustration when Apple fails to create products that inspire by meeting his vision of aesthetic beauty and functional excellence. His paranoia that Microsoft wants to destroy him (and Apple) makes him even more anxious and likely to blow his top when his expectations are not met. When his expectations are met, I suspect the Apple employees who meet them share in the sheer joy Job's feels. It makes for a volatile workplace where the occasional highs help to offset the lows.

Brian Sherwood Jones has evidence for the prosecution so far as Steve Jobs is concerned.


Bob, as it happens you were part of my bfast break though I watch online. Thought you did a fine job, you & Kahney were close (enough) and I quite watching when he started trying to save his argument. As for the toughness where's Sgt. Striker when you need him. Tough but fair is not only o.k. but essential. After considerable thought over the last few weeks (nice timing)it occurs to me we're leaving something out of the equation. Two things actually. Jobs also inspires loyalty. My teams gave me a Darth Vader doll but worked their butts because I asked and they'd never had the chance to do as much good work. There's the central lesson IMHO - if you're actually building good stuff that makes a difference you're willing to put up with a lot. ESPECIALLY when toughness and a consistent vision are essential. Otherwise you end up with a Camel - a horse designed by committee. And Jobs has clearly learned, learned to balance his behaviors and had more success. How does one think he built the most successful and talent dependent firm in Hollywood by being a pure a-hole. We need to be evidence-based here :)

Bill (Dr. William J. Ward) a.k.a. Dr4Ward

Thank you for civilizing and humanizing the conversation.
We Bloggers and Twitterers need to be reminded that the No Asshole Rule applies online and especially to Social Media. Congrats on the Squawk Box story and with the success of your books.

Wishing you continued success.

Keep Digging For Worms!

Bill a.k.a. Dr4Ward

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