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What a marvelous interview - gracias. I've used good movie making as an exemplar and model for innovation without knowing the details and Brad brings it out in this interview. If you comb thru and parse it out he offers lesson on structure, staffing, morale & leadership, technical and content innovation and tied together into a package. The DVD special features are great supplementary materials with Brad's discussions as well as Kelleher's; between the two you see the soul of innovation across two apparently separate domains. Brad briefly alludes to the bigger picture - what kind of environment the executives must create and invest in with his implicit contrast between Pixar and Disney (btw - how deep must Jobs' understanding of people be for him to do this by design ?). An integrated case study of how important this whole thing is would include "Disney Wars" for how Eisner's ego and excess cost-control destroyed the legacy (created the rusty Phaeton) and Slywotzky's "Art of Profitability" has a chapter on Disney's business model where the core criticality of the creation process is the engine that drives the whole thing. Disney lives or dies in the long-run by creating compelling characters that then show up in their theme parks and other venues. When Eisner destroyed that capability he destroyed Disney.

David Willson

Wow. Usually there are one or two points made in an article that I feel add to my playbook. This one had about a dozen. Great interview.

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