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Chris in Georgia


I just finished The No Asshole Rule. Excellent book and very much needed these days. I'm reminded of something I heard years ago, I believe it was said by the person who developed the Predictive Index (PI) personality test, that "we hire people for what they know, and fire them for who they are."

Having just left a company where I had to report into a serial asshole your book made me laugh and promise never again!

Thank you!

Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua

I'm surprised you don't know about this site:

I keep some of their notes in my car at all times. :-)


You should see how people park cars in Italy!!! This blog is very nice and useful!!

Imperadør Hasemörder

Down here in New Orleans the common quote from Dr. Bob is "Be nice or leave".

But that's really just a folky version of the no asshole role isn't it?

Doing well, Robert Sutton.?.?

Robert Sutton.

John Hunter

I think he got the idea from the last episode of Seinfeld :) (just kidding)
The four main characters are then taken into custody for violating the Good Samaritan law that requires bystanders to help out in such a situation.

Civility in the USA is in need of help.

HR Wench

Do you have a weather proof parking ticket that says "Thanks Asshole!"? I think that would have worked perfectly in Bob's situation.


Hi Bob,

Another thought-provoking post, as always.

As I read this, I came to wonder about the civility concept compared to the positive parenting movement. In general, if we came to see positive reinforcement as the powerful tool it is, we might all be better off. So frequently, we mistake negativity or sarcasm for evidence of intelligence or high standards, which just reinforces the nastiness around us. Those who can absorb the concept that it takes a very secure and powerful person to make judgments without putdowns are far more likely to be the kinds of leaders others flock to follow. Just a thought.


Hey Bob...Bad parking is a true pet peeve of mine, I can relate to your recent frustrations. I keep my own special type of parking tickets in my glove compartment. Helps me blow off steam to the assholes.

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