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Wally Bock

Another way to talk about the same thing is to use the language of experiment. You try things to see if they work. Depending on what you find you abandon the new idea altogether, adopt it in a wider scale, or, most likely modify it and test again.

Bill Burnett

I like the phase 'Strong Opinions Weakly Held'. It's got a ring to it and you get the sense of it, even though 'Strong' and 'Weak' pretty much mean the opposite, and if you have an opinion, you pretty much are holding it!
I have been running a little thought experiment on the difference in people's perceived ability to influence and be influenced by others depending upon whether or not their opinion is strongly held or not. It is at and I'd like it if you'd participate.

David Maxfield

Your class has such amazing potential for solving entrenched problems, transforming organizations, and changing the lives of the students and faculty involved. Hooray for you all!

I'm interested in entrenched problems that require behavioral solutions. Many of the organizational issues you describe fit exactly. I'll add a few more: reducing hospital-acquired infections by getting healthcare workers to wash their hands appropriately, improving the success rate of drug rehab by getting participants to succeed in the 6 months following treatment, improving the career trajectories of women and minorities in major organizations. So many important issues and cool opportunities are within our reach!

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