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Ryan Weathers

I view my corporate job purely as a source of income, a necessary evil. I justify staying by believing I am a warrior, a decent, humane leader in a ruthless, shallow environment.
It has taken a toll on the quality of my life, but if I were to leave, I would essentially feed my direct reports to the wolves, providing no glimmer of hope for the decent, honorable people who work for me. It saddens me to admit I can no longer be a martyr: perhaps in my refuge (escape) I can lead others away from the misery, contradiction, and lack of integrity or respect for humanity prevalent in corporate America.
Time to blaze a new trail....wish me luck:-) GERONIMO!!!

harry haller

i work in a bank and i took this quizz in my office - you can see what i'm looking for on the web. I scored 11; it's clear that i have to escape
thanks for the quizz

Karthik Bangalore India

Great quiz, MY score was 27 and on the fence. Yes, I know what I want to do but waiting to fulfill my responsibility on the Personal side (to some extent) and then move on to carry out what I truly want to do. That is the norm in this part of the world.

Yes, there is time to do that, It is just a matter of time before that road to travel arrives.

Thanks for working this out. As for the book I hope it is available in Indian book shops soon.


This book sounds amazing. You made it sound very exciting to read. Just ordered it, so I pray it works.

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