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This guy's fucking awesome! Man I wish there were more guys like him in this world, that'd be like paradise. Cheers from good ole Canada by the way!


Why give this guy free publicity? I think you should stop linking to his website and books on Amazon.

What can be said about this guy? Well, Lack of Character and Maturity! Maybe bad parenting and schooling. What a shame!

ugg bailey button

Time spent agonizing over budget figures is time wasted. Even if miracle of miracles! Yours are honest and accurate, no one else will have been so foolish. Did you agree with me?


Bob, what better way to show what a presumptious, hypocritical, idiot you are by letting your opinon of what an asshole is get in the way of the reality of the siutation. When Tucker Max calls himself and asshole, he’s just giving the readers an honest self-portrayal of himself through his short antedotes that only constitute a small portion of his life.

Forget about the all the intoxication, and the random promiscuity and look at the overall big picture. “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” is about being true with yourself in spite of the consquences of your actions and following your dreams. The title “Assholes Finish First” is only a metaphor for being true to yourself and following your dreams leads to triumph.

P.S. I also didn’t see any evidence of sexism in “I Hope They Server Beer in Hell” considering the fact that Tucker Max berates both men and women throughout the book.


The majority of these comments and including this review i am sure come from insecure broads with no self esteem.


you think tucker max is a jerk? you should read this guy who runs this sites comments about people, people literally send in pictures and stories of people and this guy i dont know who gave him the authority to be mr cool but he makes fun of people and calls them NOBODYS.....and sadly people have made him a millionaire and soon to be reality tv millionaire as well...what do u think?


The script reader at Film Industry Bloggers .com just got hold of Tuckers screenplay which is currently in production. He thoughts on it have sparked a lot of anger from Tuckers fans...

Check it out here:


I think he uses it to hide his self-hate - the alcoholism, etc. He's convinced if he "punches" everyone hard enough, they'll a) be too stunned to react and b) share his pain. I actually feel sorry for him.

It's also not a surprising result of his (and my) generation - it's a generation that is looking for meaning, freedom and fame - and for him, this is the ultimate solution for these 3 things.


Rather than ignore these people I prefer to listen to them very carefully. The really big problem with being an asshole is that one's reasons for doing so are thin, fragile and easily impeached. Although I prefer to leave these assholes alone, I like to have this in mind.

Steve H

Bob, I think you've missed the point of Tucker Max's book (and, moreover, Tucker himself). You need to consider the context. When he talks about "being an asshole" and "nice guys finishing last", he isn't referring to behavior in the workplace, but rather about behavior with, around, and towards women (i.e., getting laid).

In fact, there is biological (and, of course plenty of anecdotal) evidence, that women are sexually excited by being in fearful situations, such as might occur when being pursued by an uncaring, asinine-acting male. (Unlike men, who shut down sexually in fearful situations in order to prepare for a fight.)

In addition, one of the most common responses that women give about attractive qualities that they look for in a mate is confidence. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a fine line between being confidenct and being an asshole, at least on an external, superficial level. Indeed, these two constructs might even have a high correlation when rated by unknown observers.

I think this line of reasoning is a key omission in your work on the "The Upside of Assholes", namely, the biological and evoutionary advantages of acting like an asshole, at times. Biology doesn't disappear just because we go to work.

Finally, is it your contention that somebody is (objectively) an asshole, as opposed to just exhibiting immature, rude, insecure, or inappropriate behavior at times? If so, how do you explain how one person's asshole (e.g., your boss), is another person's sweetheart (e.g., their spouse) just by changing contexts?

Imperadør Hasemörder

I've noticed on the blogsphere, being an asshole is quite popular. People create avatars that they live through, typing things they would never say in life. I think it gives people an easy way to feel a sense of power, especially if can they provoke other bloggers. I can easily see why he has so many trolling fans on the internet.

The provocateur is nothing new, and law seems to be an appropriate career choice for this sorry sack of shit. Karma will eventually catch up with him.

Michael Sporer

Jimmy Buffett also does "The Asshole Song". It is great...


Need a reason to avoid law school? This website is it. Unfortunately, law school seems to attract plenty of guys like this joker. I've had the displeasure of working with a number of them.

Bob Sutton

Joyce, if you look at his blog, he is not only employed, Assholes Finish First is delayed because a movie is being made of Beer in Hell. As I said, some things are beyond me.



Joyce Maroney

Wow - this guy must be completely insane - in addition to being morally bankrupt. He mentions having attended law school. If this is his real name and photo ID, how could he possible be employed?

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