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Bob Sutton


I agree completely, indeed, there is a good argument that school teaches children to conform and to fear being creative or different. See the lovely book Orbiting the Giant Hairball for a great discussion of this point.


While I agree a decision to be creative has to be made for creativity to become manifest, I think most people make the decision almost unconsciously. As children, we decide to paint or draw or build a fort out of box or a tent out of a blanket. As we grow, however, many of us lose the spirit of play that invites creativity.

Bill Reichart

Good thought, it all starts with a decision. You are right it doesn't guarantee creativity, but it is the first step. Also, I think a decision has to be made to not have to strive for perfection in creativity.

Michael Sporer

I so much agree with Mr. Sternberg! The decision brings lots of baggage, but it is the good kind. Check out Ben Zander's TED talk if you get a chance. He has so much creative fire....


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