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I think they have a word for this in publishing - isn't it called a "parasite"?

Ala the Da Vinci Code, where for a period of a year, every other book coming out had the word "code" in it (same with the God Delusion).

The lack of originality is laughable.

Totally Consumed

At the SHRM conference last week, Jon gave a presentation on one of his books. I stayed for about 1/2 hour then left because I had better ways to waste my time other than listening to his muddle-headed nonsense.


Bob--I echo your concerns, but I would phrase it even more strongly: without a proactive, authentic effort to eliminate the actual retaliatory action which seems to be endemic in many social and business institutions toward anyone critical in the least, no amount of mouthing the words of "safe place to bring your criticisms" will suffice.

So, stop talking about how there is a no-retaliation rule, and start really spotlighting those who improve things by pointing out where they are currently falling short, and we'll see real improvement in the line worker's attitude toward bringing problems to the fore. Heck...reward them! There is no better evidence in a business situation to show true intent than to reward the desired action with money.

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