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Kevin Rutkowski

I haven't really thought about the difference between an asshole and a son of a bitch before, but there certainly is a distinction.

Reading the article gave me a new perspective on one of my favorite John Wayne movies, Red River. I now think that it shows how someone can cross the line from son of a bitch to asshole. John Wayne is certainly a son of a bitch in the beginning of the movie. He isn't necessarily pleasant, but he's effective and well respected. Later, stress and power go to his head and he becomes an ineffective asshole who people fear but no longer respect.

Two of the best managers I've worked with have been son of a bitches (one male and one female), but several other great managers I've worked with were not at all in that category.

I'm curious to hear people's thoughts about how important being a son of a bitch is to being an effective manager. Can a person with no ability to be a son of a bitch be an effective manager? Does the ability to engage in constructive conflict equal being a SOB?

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