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Stevanne Auerbach PhD

Thank you for this tribute to Gordon MacKenzie. Sad to learn of his passing. He was an inspiration and a brilliant and creative force.
His book Orbiting The Giant Hairball is still available. His inspirations live on.

Kevin Rutkowski

I like the answer to the interview question and think it's accurate. However, it seems difficult in the business world to get funding for any project when you tell the sponsor that you don't know the specific outcome.


In addition to working in a traditional medical setting, my wife has done healing touch from time to time and is very comfortable with "energy" concepts. Thus, thinking about your reference to Rob Cross' work on energizers and de-energizers, I recalled my wife's mention of energy vampires, individuals who suck out your energy, spirit and creativity. Perhaps in a purely business lexicon, we consider such people as dilutive, whereas those who lift your energy level are accretive. Still, I think the term energy vampire viscerally conveys what Cross was getting at with de-energizers and you are getting with assholes. Thanks for the post. It also is always good to hear more about Gordon MacKenzie.

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