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Bucket Trucks

What do you think of the way semi truck drivers treat others on the road? I'm certainly sick of being shoved into ditches and left stuck because some trucker won't slow down on country roads.

Log Truck

Yeah, I know what you're saying. There's a lot of people driving around dangerously. Guys in trucks and especially the log truck drivers of my circle.

Truck Bed Covers

Interesting blog about pickup trucks and aggression on the road. I have found that most aggressive drivers drive SUVs, not pickup trucks.

Drivers of SUVs are more likely to tailgate than drivers of pickup trucks, which is a sign of aggression.

Pickup Trucks

Many people have a need for a big vehicle. Millions of Americans have boats or horses that need to be trailered. There are thousands of recreational trailers needing a tow. A big pick-up is ideal but many neighborhoods do not allow them to be parked outside. In that case a big suv is a good answer. There will a;ways be a market for these vehicles. My tools will not fit in a small car’s trunk.


Bob Sutton


I appreciate your point and should have made more clear that the effect of the gun alone was significant, but much amplified by the presence of the vengeance bumper sticker.

Wally Bock

There are a couple of things that sound strange to me abo0ut this. One is the idea that a reasonable interpretation is that "aggression breeds aggression." The person in the pickup isn't exhibiting aggression. He or she is slow off the light.

And the idea that a pickup truck with a gun rack automatically indicates aggression strikes me as the kind of thinking that people who live in cities on the coasts think up. In large parts of the country, pickups and rifles or shotguns are part of the normal gear that people have.

Jonathan Fields


That's pretty fascinating, would've thought the exact opposite. I'd love to see a study that actually took it one step further and measured the response to different types of guns in the gun rack. For example, would a shotgun garner a different response that something that appeared to be some kind of semi-automatic weapon or a double rack with a gun and a baseball bat.

Thanks for the cite, too, will explore further

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