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Wally Bock

Thanks for a great pointer, Bob.

Kevin Rutkowski

Thanks for this link. I am going to share it with the people I work with.

Since much of my work involves software testing, a big part of my work is identifying incorrect code. Some developers instinctively dread feedback from testers, and some welcome feedback.

One of the first things that I tell any developers that I work with is that my job is to make them look good. I emphasize that I assume that all of them are good developers and that I will not judge them. If I find an error, they should be happy because that means that an end user, a manager, or a project sponsor did not find the error. I emphasize that we're a team that all has the same goal of delivering a quality product to the end users.

This little chat seems to bring around most developers who I work with to a positive and collaborative point of view.


A good guide, thanks. Something very interesting and unknown!

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