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Kevin Rutkowski


A friend of mine invests people's money. A client came to him in a panic yesterday. The client was concerned about an economic collapse and a second Great Depression. My friend explained some of the differences between now and then and calmed him down some.

My friend then looked at the account and found some good news. Due to good diversification, the client's account was only down 1.5% over the past 12 months.

Upon hearing this news, the client who had moments ago been concerned about losing his life savings said, "You mean I haven't made any money over an entire 12 month period?!?"

Kevin Rutkowski

That sounds like good advice in general, and it is comforting to hear from an economic expert.

It seems that the 24/7 news might help create the booms and busts that we've been seeing recently. I'm glad that at this point, it seems like Congress is taking a deep breath before passing a rash bill that releases $700 billion with no oversight.

I try to keep things in perspective by thinking about my grandma's life. She was in Russian work camps during WWII and later lived in Communist Poland. When she came to the US, she worked for minimum wage as a nurse's aide at a nursing home and didn't speak English. The economic and political comforts that her children and grandchildren have are amazing considering her life story.

She now lives in a 2 bedroom condo in Florida on the inter-coastal waterway and has a simple but enjoyable life. I'm sure that she could never have pictured her current life when she was 17 and a prisoner in a northern Russian work camp.

Her life story reminds me that even when things look bleakest, you can have hope for the future. It also reminds me that my most miserable days are not all that bad.

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