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Roger Maury

Robert also made a video of this book, I think it was distributed by Time-Life, but I have written to them and they do not have an archive of it. It may have been on the UTC format
If anyone knows where to get a copy of it, I would really like to get one


I couldn't agree more. I'd never heard of the book until the reprint was published, but it quickly became my favorite business book. My only regret was that I never got a chance to have a beer with Mr Townsend. I think that Ralph Nader's quote sums it up best: "Robert Townsend was a witty and incisive archenemy of corporate bureaucracy."

Walter Underwood

I read it decades ago and still remember several of his bits of advice.

Go work for a big company for a few years, take notes, then do the opposite.

If someone is absolutely essential to your business, fire them immediately. [Because they are a huge risk and you should not be blindsided when they leave.]

Give the secretaries the reserved parking places.

I think he's also the originator of the stand-up meeting.

A great book and just amazing that it came from a CEO of a big business.

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