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Diego Rodriguez

I took that same class with Professor March as an undergrad at Stanford, and I read Don Quixote twice during the quarter! I was only 19 though... I've always wanted to listen to his lectures again. Thank you very much for letting me know about this movie! I'm going to try and find it.

CV Harquail

When I first heard this news I was surprised, and I felt for my colleagues at Yale who have been working so hard to transform their curriculum and the MBA experience. While I was on the faculty at UVA, we had 4 Deans in 7 years...each Dean coming in with grand plans, each one leaving without finishing the job. It will be interesting to hear how the Yale SOM faculty experience Joel's departure.

If you read Joel's letter the the SOM community (at you get a different story about his move, as rich and compelling as the one you imagine in your post. It's intriguing to see the affection/identification Joel has with Apple as a company (largely as a user, interestingly enough)and to have Joel explain how much his feelings for Apple drew him to take this step.

You gotta love Apple -- they know product innovation when they see it. And so they've snatched up one of the most innovative business education leaders in academia. ... Perhaps Joel will lead the way to the incipient rupture in the "MBA industry" when company 'universities' surge ahead of traditional university-based MBA programs. It will be exciting to see.

Jan H. Barkhed

This is good news. I see this as an important step for Evidence Based Management – and for Apple. If Apple can lead the way when it comes to building efficient organisations that can produce outstanding products for its customers (as they already are), maybe others will follow. You sound a little bit surprised in the post, Bob ;-)


Joel Podolny was one of my professors what feels like a gazillion years ago at Stanford. I wish him all the best in his new endeavor!

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