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Overhead reduction
Aligning costs with revenue


An Oldie but Goodie -- We're redeploying you... into the general workforce."

Today's Legal Speak; when the law firm call's you in for the bad news -- "Redundancy Consultations"


People always hate to talk about when they are laid off. But as it has become every day's news headline since Yahoo started it with cutting 1500 of its task force last year, now a need of platform has been in demand where people can express their selves in words how they are feeling about their company, whey the got laid off was that justified or not.
And every thing they want to tell anonymously.And is providing you that platform.


Thank you for so many of your insightful comments and sharing so many phrases.

With the market as is, fear is cloaking the keen eye of leaders to strike while the iron is hot - some for very strong financial reasons, but some by using the "excuse" of the market to force 'efficiency'. Perhaps that efficiency is long overdue, perhaps not... The losers in all of this are not only the people "fired" but also those people left behind. The lack of organizational planning to support the employees left behind is shocking.

I offer great thanks to those brave managers who tell it like it is, deal with firing or laying off employees with integrity and with a human side, and who diligently work hard to build strategies that avoid layoffs!

I have to say, I read your book over a year ago (The No Asshole Rule) and promptly recommended it or purchased it for almost everyone I know.

Mike Myatt

Hi Bob:

I appreciate the mention and I'm glad you enjoyed the thoughts...


While I think you and I are aligned in principle, I bow to your superior choice of phrasing...


I'm in the middle of "synergy-related headcount restructuring" which also sounds pretty cute - until you get hit on the head with it.

James B

I think you may be simplifying the problem a little too much.

Many businesses scale service with people. The more people, the more clients can be serviced.

If the number of clients suddenly decreases, for whatever reason, then the people left servicing those clients have a lot less to do.

Get to a certain point and the people you're keeping literally have nothing to do except take home a paycheque.

How do you structure the business to deal with this?


"He got the boot," but this may refer to a for-cause firing rather than a layoff.

"Reduce the headcount," is borderline, I suppose.

John C

In Australia (and presumably the UK) a slang term for losing your job is: "getting the sack" or "being sacked". When many lose their jobs we talk about "mass sackings"

Wally Bock

I think that Mike's got it right except for the phrasing. It's not about "avoiding layoffs" it's about "preserving the workforce intact." This is vital in a Knowledge Economy. What's more, there are some role models in how to do this. Lincoln Electric and Nucor are two. Other companies, like Toyota, do so, but only for "permanent workers."

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