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Thanks for reminding folks again about MacKenzie's book. I have given it to colleagues to read. They were generally thoughtful types constrained by the corporate culture. It meant something to them. Yet, there are some individuals, usually in the uppermost leadership ranks, who just would not get it. Gordon MacKenzie died too soon, but what a fantastic legacy he left behind in Orbiting the Giant Hairball. Thanks again for widely publicizing this gem.


11,000 business books published. But very few worth reading.

The problem isn't too many books being published, the problem is that there aren't enough that are worth reading.

11,000 business books worth reading would be one of those "good problems" I keep hearing about. ;^)

Kevin Rutkowski

11,000 business books just this year? I guess narrowing down the 100 best was a more daunting task than I ever imagined.

By the way, I got my latest of the books that come with the order of the 100 Best book. It's called Growing a Company by Paul Hawken.

Michael Plishka

Awesome quote--love it!

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