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Jeremy Nulik

Bob -

I love your story of mistaken Bobness. It is almost like they were happy to have any Bob.

I did realize the irony in placing you on a list with Bobby Knight. I hope that you saw that I made note of it in the blog. And I want you to know the list was not in any particular you are not less of a Best Bob than Knight.

I guess that I have found in my trudging through a life full of assholes that they do sometimes have good things to offer the world. Underneath that exterior is often something of value. I would site chapter 6 of your book: The Virutes of Assholes, but I am sure you are quite familiar. :)

Thanks for your inspiration and all that you put into the world.

It was my hope that the list truly was an honor to what you do.



Be honored to be next to Bob Knight--one of that nations true leaders in developing young men.

John Caddell

Bob, I love this story! I have a noncommercial site called The Mistake Bank ( a learning site where people share stories of mistakes in their businesses and careers. I also post stories I find elsewhere... which leads to a question:

would you mind if I reposted this story on The Mistake Bank (with attribution, of course)?

thanks and regards, John

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