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Bob - there's a great story hiding behind this about major efforts over the last 20 years to analyze and reform crew training and cockpit procedures to improve the teamwork. A HUGE effort that's paid off last week but in vastly improved safety accidents. My introduction to these histories (hattip Nick) was in this Q&A with Malcolm Gladwell on his new book which I highly recommend:


It's worth noting that Captain Sullenberger was a lifelong student of flying, including accident investigation and cockpit psychology. He was one of the developer's of US Airways Cockpit Resource Management training and taught the course many times.



Thanks for pointing out the typo. But the point is correct. The tired teams -- who had spent several days working together -- performed far better than the fresh teams, who had not worked-out their group dynamics yet.




Edit needed?

"The tired crews may far fewer errors than the fresh crews."
(Bottom of third paragraph).

This statement doesn't seem to make sense. Maybe it's just me, but if they are tired, it seems that fatigue would diminish even a group with good dynamics.

Nick Donnelly

Great article - echoes of Malcolm Gladwell's new book outliers...

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