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René Laursen

I would have to say that I have never had an asshole for a boss, which pleases me! That's despite me having worked for two of the 20 biggest Danish companies where you might think they'd be very focused on making a ton of money while forgetting to focus on employee engagement etc, this has, however never been the case for me.

Just to emphasize; I currently work as a student assistant at Danisco headquarters in Copenhagen and here there are absolutely no assholes here!

I'm happy that your book has come out in Danish, however I will surely buy it in English


The Danish title translates into "The Zero Assholes Rule". I am soon graduating from the University of Copenhagen with a Master's in Psychology, and I just have to say that I was very inspired by your book, which I came across on a trip to Rome almost a year ago. I actually wrote a paper about employee meaningfulness and how nasty bosses destroy their employees' sense of purpose through especially narcissistic behavior, where I drew on your book as well as the works of Weick and Maccoby. I think it's great that the book is out in Danish now - I hope it sells well!


Have you seen the Wired Magazine article from December 2001, "The Geek Syndrome"? URL below

The article may provide a genetic explanation for the high concentration of assholes (with Asperger's Syndrome) in Silicon Valley.

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