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M. Jackson Wilkinson

@Bob: Thanks for the link/post :)

@Matt: Awww, you got me. I wrote a post about an asshole signpost, yet I was wearing another one at the same time. Sadness.

I agree it'd be assholic to speak the initial initial, but there are legit reasons for writing it. The number of times I've had official/government forms made out with Jackson as my first name by someone who didn't know about the M. has made it clear that I need to keep it there in writing to clue in such folks.

Also, my first name is Michael, so I'm Michael Jackson, and the M. prompts the story. Yes, I was born the same year Thriller came out. No, I wasn't named after him, according to my parents. No one forgets my name after that :)

Kath Lockett

Add 'bowties' to your assholes' guide to workplace fashion as well. These guys tend to be self-opinionated, pompous wankers who believe they're being witty and ironic but are in fact boors and bores.


Office Space is a classic!! Beloved by asshole victims everywhere! A must-see movie!

Astute observation, Bob, about the asshole attire.

Kevin Rutkowski

I can't believe that it's the 10th anniversary of Office Space. They're having a reunion here in Austin, where the creator is from. The actor who plays Bill Lumbergh is one of many actors who will be making a live appearance.

Alas, they sold out before I could buy tickets. It's certainly a movie that anyone who works in an office should see.


Then there's the asshole name, (first intial) (name) (last name). It's the use of the first initial that does it. I know a guy named Michael Kevin (lastname). He goes by Kevin, and is cool. There's nothing wrong with going by your middle name. It's that first initial that does it. However, if Kevin went by M. Kevin (lastname), he'd almost certainly be an asshole. And it's exponential; if it was M. Kevin (lastname) III, he'd be an asshole cubed. Several of my friends have noticed the same thing, and it's become code, so that if one makes some assholey remark, we say, OK, M. John rather than OK, Matt.

I noticed this first in college with a guy named J. John (lastname) III, and it was reinforced in my early career with a first-initial guy who also wore white-collared colored shirts! And had a III at the end of his name!

Abashed, I do have to note that I own one white-collared colored shirt. Looks pretty sharp, too. I'll have to make sure I'm particularly obnoxious when I wear it.

Great blog, BTW.

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