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I think this is a great example of perseverance. So many people today are not willing to keep at something, they don't realize it can take a long time to have successes. The vast majority of people just quit.

Wally Bock

Part of the reason it's hard to make rational decisions in the innovation process is that a large part of that "process" is not rational. Rationality can evaluate a prototype. But the initial impulse to innovate is emotional. So is the decision to keep going.

This is fed by some tremendously successful reporting. The only inventors or innovators we tell stories of are those who succeed. Innovators are a success and the stories are replete with repeated tries. We don't even talk about innovators who don't succeed and when we do we don’t call them innovators, we call them failures.

Rajeev A. Paranjpe

I'm a Jim March fan (but a "novice" one at that too..) Prof March is a genius - a once in a century philosopher of matters organizational and beyond. His comments about creativity and imagination are extremely insightful. But your snippet about the incredible journey of James Dyson creates a sensemaking paradox. Had he failed eventually, how could the story have been written...
Paradox apart, one must read Against the odds. Thanks!


Cute story, but that works out to about 2.8 prototypes a day.

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