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Kevin Rutkowski

It reminds me of a neighbor I had who bought a new house with a cracked foundation. He went through a bitter battle with the builder and finally got the foundation fixed.

As soon as it was fixed, he put the house on the market, but he couldn't let the bitterness go. He actually made a video about the battle with the builder and the lawsuit and made potential buyers watch it. Needless to say, despite the fact that the house had no problems, it sold for well below market value.


Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .


Bob -

That photo is awesome! I wouldn't want to buy in that neighborhood.


Joyce Maroney

Seems like a poor sales strategy, although no doubt very satisfying for the seller...

John Jenkins

I wonder if the neighbors on each side come home each day and tell themselves, "yeah, that guy really is an asshole."


How did he get his neighbor to take the Asshole Test Online? Mine won't take it.

atlanta short sale

well this is tough time to purchase homes.

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