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When I first saw A-Rod's "apology," I noticed strange facial movements--pursing his lips at odd moments, for example, that, to me, seemed like he was either lying about when he stopped using steroids, or just full of it, in general. I was struck by how insincere he seemed. I am appalled that the baseball world has welcomed him back, as though screwing over the sport and other ball players for one's own benefit was somehow excusable if you happened to become some sort of a legend in the process. Yuck! Madonna can have him!


Yes, I have seen it many times!

Hayli @ RiseSmart

My dad, anytime anyone disagrees with him. It's the "You're entitled to your opinion and you have the right to be wrong" look.


I do think that certain workplace bullies can have that expression, and do recall some. However, there are also workplace bullies who are clinical - they are not just jerks, they are actually classified as corporate psychopaths. I am in one of these situations. I think these are the most dangerous kind, because they are unstoppable. You may have already seen this description:


Yes, I do. My parenting experience also suggests that the expression also can be read as "Put me down for a nap or get ready for me to need a WHOLE BUNCH of 'time outs'. I'm not kidding." ;)


Well, it's *almost* close to a rueful expression, but you're right--I've seen it many times on ex-president George W. Bush's face! I'm allergic to it too.

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