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Wally Bock

"It depends" can be the right answer to a question, but only if you outline what "it depends" on. When I'm approached about a ghostwriting assignment, a common question is "What will it cost to get my book done?" The answer is "it depends," but it's the process of defining and discussing the variables that adds value.


As an IT person, I am regularity accused of having this disorder. The problem is I am asked a question or given a scenario with so many variables that any answer is meaningless. And I cringe when others in my profession give concrete answers in similar situations.

For example: Would someone die if they fell off the roof of a 5 story building?

Answer: It depends. What did they land on? How did they land? Was there Divine intervention?


I love that!

Q dub

Crazy, I just uttered this phrase to Xiao a couple hours ago and here it is.

John Jenkins

Aren't there situations where "it depends," is the correct answer though? The form of the name makes it appear that the coiner believes this to be a bad state of affairs.

To give an example, lawyers often have to answer questions with "it depends," because all of the relevant facts are not available, then proceed to give alternatives depending on which set of facts actually obtains.

Isn't that describing a different situation than the one described by the "teeter-totter syndrome"?

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