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Wow. I'm definitely going to buy your book.

I just had to make note that not all the attorneys I work with are wealthy assholes.

Thanks for the shout out!

Rod Johnson

One has to wonder. Are the origins of being an Asshole: genetic, social upbringing or truly a disease?

John Caddell


I've found it amusing that where one lives has such an influence on one's perspective on wealth, happiness, etc. For example, I read many stories about what a hardship the bonus tax would be, given that $250K doesn't go that far in Manhattan, with the cost of private school, sleepaway camp, etc.

I moved to Central PA eight years ago after living in "go go" cities Boston & Atlanta. There's a lot to like about living here. The cost of living is lower, for sure. There's a lot of natural beauty as well. But there's also a modesty and a self-reliance that I admire.

There are some wealthy people who live near me, but they sure don't call attention to it.

Thanks for the post.

Regards, john


There's much more going on here than that though :) ! Excess testosterone may be driving these folks to the only source of identity they can find instead of creating value. BUTT...and it's a huge one, in the process they're violating the social contract and destroying the ecology on which they depend. If you keep putting your own short-term interests ahead of the tribe's overall long-term requirements, in fact severely and perhaps irredeemably damaging them, expect to be sacrificed to the gods of fairness, justice and tribal cohesion. And know that it's fair, just and will be a positive contribution (perhaps the offenders first).

By the way both Seth Godin and Irving Wladawsky-Berger have recent posts worth reading related to this.

Now let's go get some torches and pitchforks.

Michael Sporer

"is that being in positions of power and status causes people to become remarkably oblivious to the needs, feelings, actions, and even mere presence of those who lack power"

That sums up an asshole! I see too much of that.

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