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Jeff Shattuck

Just discovered your blog today when a friend recommended this post. Love it!

My edits:

The point of being done is not to finish
but to get other things done.

Accept that everything is a draft.
It helps to get it done.

Failure counts as done. So do mistakes.

Mark Taylor

Another way of thinking about this:

Lilly Evans

This is an interesting list but too long to keep in short term memory! I tried to see how it can be made shorter. Since 9 out of 13 points contains word DONE they are prime candidates for combining/simplifying.

In the spirit of the Done Manifesto, here I go:

A 1 being=3 states
B 4 not knowing=knowing
C 2&3 no editing =all draft
D 8&9 quick&dirty=fun&right
E 5&6&7 1 week to get done&throw
F 10&11&13 done=done no matter what+new start
G 12 write done on internet
You may want to combine B&C as both address the How of Doing

Obviously not recommended in academia and corporations in the current climate. So, use is where?



Do it right,
the first time,
on time,
every time!


Personally, I interpret the "No editing" command differently. To me it does not necessarily imply that there should be no iterations and no editing, but that you should always work as if there was no editing. I often find myself caught in the trap of doing sub-par stuff while thinking, I can always redo this in the editing phase. And then I don't.

Marsha Keeffer

Excellent reminder to do it, dammit. Thanks for kicking me out of my torpor!

Andy Nash

I am a big fan of editing too, but I find that my best editing comes a week or two after I write something ... which means I get to count it as another thing done rather than simply finishing the first.

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