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Brad Evans

All this time I thought it was pay-for-performance that caused this financial crisis.

I will remember a study, "the Good Samaritan" study, where students at a religious school were to make a powerpoint presentation on the moral of the "Good Samaritan" and had to hurry across campus in order to deliver the talk. One of the investigators was laying on the sidewalk, seemingly quite ill. The students stepped over him and hurried on the their talk.

michael webster

Bob, I would suggest that the current game theory view of the world is entirely solipsistic - there really aren't any other people in the world, because the agent who is trying to pick a strategy in which it doesn't matter what anyone else does.

Nash equilibrium strategies are acceptable to people who don't have to really think about how to coordinate with others.

Even greedy people have to deal with others, but the current game theory focus on nash equilibrium strategies makes the other dispensable, which is the real shame.

Bret Simmons

It might just be me, but most economists I've met sincerely believe that they know something about everything. They seem to operate on the assumption that there is nothing that cannot be explained by economic theories.

Since our students usually pass through lower level ECON courses before they get to upper level MGMT courses, it can be tough to challenge ingrained assumptions they learn in those courses. Most see employees as costs and not assets, as opportunistic actors that will slack off or screw us any change they get. Many students find it difficult to swallow the logic of the service-profit chain, that concern for others - employees and customers - increases profits by growing revenues and decreasing costs.

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