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Higher Education Blog

Well..I have always not been good in Group Discussions :-)

Sharon Dexter

Good post, thanks and so on topic and true.

Wally Bock

Great and helpful insights, Bob. I think the issue of rank in the room is often minimized by bosses. I hear them say, "Well, that's the general rule, of course, but my people trust me and talk to me."

But they don't. If you're a boss you can count on two things. First, the dynamics of the room change when you enter and when you leave. And, second, everything you hear is filtered through at least one person's self-interest.

Dwayne Phillips

Be congruent. Ask "obvious" questions. Understand that there is always another alternative AND as adults, we are free to say it, hear it, think about it, discuss it. Taboo is for four-year-olds.

Project Reformer

In the work I do with project teams we've seen the biggest source of bad decisions, waste and bad projects is "not speaking" and "not listening." Invariably, someone in a group has something they could offer, but they don't. Other times someone in charge is focused on some issue/concern and is not listening when someone speaks. Either way, we get less than we could have. Large group size certainly contributes to this. But it doesn't explain it all. We continue to live with misguided notions of authority and hierarchy. Even when we can rationalize different behavior our bodies are telling us to keep our mouth shut. There is a lot of work to do to change this. And it must change.


I like the idea about coming out with three good and 3 bad reasons of why to invest. Your money is very important and you have to know what you are getting into. I think if you that then you have a good grasp on where you should invest because you investigated pretty thoroughly.

Mr. Chow

Your blog is very informative...will refer to it in mine.

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