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I believe that for every example there is of "how to be" there are at least two for "how not to be".

I am one of the kids of the 80s who had an Atari 2600 and played for hours with Pac Man and Haunted House. :-)

Walter Underwood

As a thank you, here is another anecdote about employees sniffing out changes, this one from my own experience.

I worked on a single project, the Ultraseek enterprise search engine, for nine years and in five companies (Infoseek, Disney/, Inktomi, Verity, and Autonomy). We eventually figured out that a physical asset inventory was a sure sign of impending acquisition.

This wasn't bad management, the inventory had to be done, and there was little point in spending the time on it if there wasn't an acquisition. We just spotted the connection.

Earlier I had been at Ford Aerospace. They were moving to a new campus and had the architect's model in the lobby. The model still had an Atari logo on the building. That was the "intergalactic headquarters" that Atari built then didn't need.

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