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Project Management

really enjoyed reading this post. Keep 'em coming man. Thanx :)

John Foster

Hey Bob: I love this stuff and see many instances where this can be very practical. First, is leaders should always remember they are on stage, being "looked at" for cues. It's a powerful way to create movement or change. Second, I want to make note that baboons are hierarchical and taking cues from the dominant player works for them. But what if you want your organization to be "reciprocal" so it can deal with different external forces (threats/opportunities). Perhaps everyone should look out in different directions or go exploring like bees.

Doug Park

I look forward to reading the HBR article.



Here is a link to Tiger 1970 "Dominance in Human Societies":

Andy Meyer

Very interesting, thanks. And I even had to look up and learn the difference between centripetal and centrifugal. You are a teacher.


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