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Good job on highlighting the sorry state of affairs in the world of writing.

We drive home plagiarism and other concepts like "Business ethics" in the academia but most people throw it out the window on their way out of the University commencement ceremony.

Doug Park

Bob, I'm glad to hear that write everything that has your name on it. I expect nothing less from you. Unfortunately, many people think Strunk & White's is outdated.

Tim Walker

By contrast, my worst experience as a magazine writer came when the printed version of an article of mine included a climactic sentence that (a) wasn't what I wrote, (b) wasn't what the editor and I had agreed upon in our 'final' edits, (c) made a point I didn't quite agree with, and (d) was phrased in treacly language that clashed with everything around it. I can shrug it off now, but I remember how angry I was at the time -- not only because the words weren't mine, but because I believed the editor had betrayed the relationship that good writers and editors share.

Bill O'Hanlon

I agree. After writing over 50 articles and 29 books, the worst editors are the ones who mess with, dull down, change or edit my voice. I let it happen a few times when I was younger and less confident.

Having said that, a good editor always improves my writing. I have learned mostly how to be a better writer from being edited well.


Thanks for sharing this, Bob. I agree it is something important to know. Your blog is my favorite and in my opinion the best one out there. There is so much crap out there, really, that it is good to find someone that mixes real evidence with their opinion. Keep up the good work.



Bob--I'm pretty familiar with the Sutton voice, and I'd be happy to testify on your behalf.

And, you are quite right: you don't always see your typos and other errors, but the great majority are not ones which get in the way of your message, and that's always recognizable as yours.

Heck...if there are no typos, Bob, I would wonder if the blog post were really yours! [big grin]

Giving you grief, but meaning it fondly,


Rodney Johnson

Authenticity does and always will count. Thanks from the many who follow and interface with your words on a daily and weekly basis. Keep it going, cause i'll be here to listen, learn and possibly challenge...

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