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Shane Twomey

Bob, Always great to get links to interesting people who have put thought into what they say. His comments on 'what kind of followers do you have?' says it all.

Bret Simmons

I appreciate your kind words, Bob. The evidence-based perspective that you and Jeff Pfeffer provide really resonates with me. Looking forward to your next book! Thanks, Bret


Bob - thanks for the pointer. Well worth the time. The leadership stories of authentic leadership ring true but what really worked for me was Brett's fundamental equation of B=f(P/E)or behavior is a function of the person and the environment. And what really worked is basing his deeper argument on Heskett's Service-Profit model ( That body of work is something I pushed from the day it showed up since it was part of the evolving body running back to Bud LaLonde's early studies of customer service and profitability AND entirely consistent with my decade at Fedex who's motto was People-Service-Profit. Two bottomlines - take care of your people and they will take care of your customers who will take care of your profits. And long-term sustainable growth results from establishing that sustainable dynamic. SADLY....Heskett's work has never been reflected in standard practice despite the long string of supporting evidence.

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