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John Caddell

Bob, there's an important quote in the YouTube video. You say, "The link between serving customers well and corporate profits and growth is obvious and essential. Customers are the main sources of income, so...pleasing customers and keeping them interested in bringing in their dollars and attention is something that's of concern to all organizations."

I agree that things should be this way. But I also had this conversation with a friend who's in the outsourced call center business. She said (I'm paraphrasing) that her clients are large companies that are trying to reduce their call center costs. They are focusing on productivity metrics and creating low-margin contracts with onerous penalties for missing metrics targets.

In my view, customer service at these companies is being run by the CFO and the procurement department. Pleasing customers, or serving customers well, is not part of the calculation.

Part of my work is helping companies mine contact center information for deep insight into customer experiences that can help customer service and product development. So far, I've run into more companies like my friend's customers than those who would attend your executive education class.

I hope you can educate a lot of companies to value innovation and customer insight, because that will help me a lot!

regards, John

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