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Kim L.

I am glad that you posted this, as I followed the link to the entire article by Shaun. It made me remember the times I worked as a teller and how many times customers would just be flat out rude to me. I would often tell them that I was there to give them service and earn a living to pay my bills, not to be their punching bag for anger they had before coming into the bank. Most of the time, I got a nice apology out of them (lucky me).

Either way, I think this can also be said about jackass employers. many times I hear about people staying in their positions because they feel like they have no other option, all while continuing to be belittled or yelled at. It is important for people to remember that there are choices, both for who your clients are and who you work for.

Thanks again for linking me to the article and reinforcing the thoughts I share on this topic.

Lynne Lipkind

Yes, I enjoyed Shaun's Frobes column--and your book. I recommended your book on LinkedIn a while back. And, as Shaun writes, it's not just for W2 types. As a primarily self-employed person, I found your book a must-read.

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